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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Take a Look at Pres. Obama’s Security Bus

| On 17, Aug 2011

The president's bus is nicknamed "The Beast." It's basically a fortress on four wheels. (Photo courtesy of Talking Points Memo)

This week, President Obama is taking a bus tour of the Midwest. He will also be gearing up for Campaign 2012 in a few months. This guarantees he will have a sickening travel schedule.

The Commander-In-Chief has to get around in style … and security, of course.

The Secret Service, in turn, bought two buses that were retrofitted with additional security and safety features. One bus will be used for the president next year on the campaign trail. The other bus can be used for whomever the Republican nominee will be. After Election Day, the Secret Service can still use the buses for general transportation purposes as needed.

No details are publicly available about the company that created the buses or the specific security features on them. That would kinda ruin them being “secured” transportation, huh?

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