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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Teleprompter Mishap Stalls the Wrinkled AZ Gov. Jan Brewer

| On 10, Mar 2011

Brewer Has Another Lengthy Pause During Speech:

Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer continues to show that if her talking points ain’t written down, she has no interest in memorizing them for the general public.

The wrinkled chief executive of The Grand Canyon State was speaking in Mesa about economic reform when her teleprompter went out in front of a live audience. She paused for at least 10 seconds before jokingly letting the crowd know that her teleprompter went dead. They laughed .. probably AT her more than WITH her.

This isn’t Jan’s first public brain fart. Back in September, she totally gave out in a gubernatorial debate about her accomplishments as the leader of Arizona. I’m sure a few Arizonans think she didn’t HAVE that many accomplishments to name, hence the long soul searching for answers.

I’d like Jan to look over her notes a little more thoroughly before she goes out to speak to the people of her state. I mean, for Christ’s sake, it is HER STATE and HER JOB she’s talking about. lol… Nobody is asking her to recite laws of nuclear physics.

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