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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Tenn. Lt. Gov. Thinks Unemployment Benefits Are a “Lifestyle”

| On 07, Nov 2011

Though Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey stuck his foot in his mouth about the unemployed, many in Tennessee probably don't care. ::sigh:: (Photo credit unknown)

Nothin’ says lovin’ like crazy on a Monday morning!

Let’s go to Tennessee for a second where Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey, obviously a Republican, has taken it upon himself to stereotype all people who receive unemployment benefits.

Ramsey asked while touring the state last week, “When does it become a benefit and when does it become a lifestyle?” He cited some small businesses that he knows are hiring including a trucking firm and a heating and cooling company. Ramsey says these businesses cannot find qualified people to fill the positions hinting that people would rather live on unemployment benefits.

The average unemployment benefit is $285 per week or $1,140 per month. It translates into $13,680 annually. Umm .. who is creating a “lifestyle” on $13K a year?

Ramsey’s argument is so flawed. He met a couple of businesspeople who can’t fill positions and now it’s the fault of the unemployed. The math by itself lets me know that’s wrong. I assume that both of the companies pay well over $13K annually. So mathematically walk me through how someone would turn down a job making triple that JUST to stay on unemployment?? I’m lost.

This is yet another example of Republicans attacking the unemployed. Does this song and dance ever change?

Also, when did it become kosher for executive leadership to lash out at their own people? Isn’t Ramsey the lieutenant governor of all those unemployed people?

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