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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Texas Governor Gets Happy With the Twitter ‘Block’ Button

| On 01, Mar 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry keeping his trigger finger hovering over the block button on Twitter. Try him if you will.

Here’s to fair and open media access. *sigh*

I saw an interesting piece on Talking Points Memo that noted a trend among liberal journalists and bloggers in Texas. A few notables have been BLOCKED on Twitter by Governor Rick Perry, a Republican. The pattern has been mentioned publicly by major newspapers in Austin, Fort Worth, and Dallas.

The account they were trying to access, @GovernorPerry, is noted as his personal Twitter account, but he does discuss some state business on there.

This action is pretty interesting considering how many of these leaders rode the wave of “open and honest government” into their respective offices. Perry, however, has been governor of The Lone Star State since late 2000 when George W. Bush resigned to become president. So, he’s not new to the game. But, these are some new ass shenanigans he’s pulling now to keep his detractors at bay.

I think it’s sad, but actually funny more than anything.

Does Gov. Perry think these bloggers and journalists are second-graders? Anyone with half of a brain could create another Twitter account if they are just dying to see what Ricky is tweeting about. It’s not that serious, though.

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