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‘The Governator’ Is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Cartoon Character

| On 05, Apr 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back .. well kinda .. as a superhero in a new cartoon flick called “The Governator.”

The former California governor, bodybuilder, and actor now has something else to add to his resume. His likeness will be featured in a new cartoon set to be released in 2012. The three-minute trailer shows Schwarzenegger retiring from public office as governor to his new life as a private citizens. He returns to the streets as The Governator once he gets word of robots taking over San Francisco.

Eh, I wasn’t moved by the cartoon, but I guess it will do for some little kids.

I wonder if The Governator will have remotely more success in saving the world than Arnold actually did in doing his job as California’s chief executive? From what I hear, Arnold sucked ass as California’s chief executive. lol…

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