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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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The Obamas Host Anti-Bullying Summit at the White House

| On 10, Mar 2011

President and Mrs. Obama appeared in a video on Facebook recently in support of the ‘Stop Bullying’ campaign. They are joining the fight to end discrimination and harassment against young people for being different.

On Thursday, the Obamas hosted an anti-bullying summit at the White House. The goal was to bring together community leaders to discuss ways to prevent bullying that has led to violence and, in some cases, death. They are all looking for ways to provide safe classroom, playground, and online environments for students to thrive. Of course, it’s always helpful to have the bully pulpit of the White House on your side.

I wonder if he could do an anti-bullying campaign to get these bill collectors to stop picking on me every month as a grown man? I want freedom from the harassment and demeaning nature of an electric bill that shows up on time every single month!! Damn….

Sidenote: Is it me, or does the president look EXTRA tired in this video clip? He needs to let his pillow bully him for awhile. lol…

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