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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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The Presidency Is “Beneath” Sarah Palin

| On 23, Mar 2011

Sarah Palin wants YOU to believe that the presidency is below the caliber of a job she would take. She's shittin' me!

Let me calm down from laughing the hell out loud! Whew, they are really making me holler this afternoon.

Former Alaska Governor and current FOX News contributor Sarah Palin has been wading her big toe in the 2012 presidential waters for quite awhile now. Or, at least, people think she has been positioning herself to do so.

The American people have weighed in from time to time on what they think of the possibility of a President Palin. Each time, their approval ratings get lower and lower. People just don’t see Sassy Sarah resting her government pumps under that big desk in the Oval Office. She is not on Barack’s level AT ALL.

We serve a mighty and awesome God, but some stuff He won’t allow to happen out of PROTECTION (for the American people).

Well, Sarah, her camp, and loyalists aren’t too pleased with the news. They have to spin it in order to make it seem like SHE is the one not interested in serving the American people, not the other way around. Her supporters (like Ann Coulter and Andrew Breitbart) have been hinting that the White House is beneath her They have also been acting like she could be the next Oprah, an influence on politicians instead of one herself.

Please call me when all of them finish their vacation in Candyland! The absurdity of her presidential candidacy and this denial of facts is too much for my spirit.

The truth is that she’s not qualified and most people don’t want her as their president. Need I be any clearer?

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