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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Tim Pawlenty Gets “Glittered” by LGBT Activists

| On 23, Jun 2011

This video kinda makes me chuckle.

On a stop last week in San Francisco, California, GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty met his match from some LGBT activists attending the event.

Two ladies from Code Pink “glittered” T-Paw by dumping hot pink confetti on him while he sat at a table waiting to talk to voters. They shouted at him, “Where’s your courage to stand for gay rights and women’s reproductive rights?”

All T-Paw could do was sweep it to the side, yell at them inaudibly, and wait for security to escort the ladies from the venue. The activists continued to shout at him on the way out the building .

Let me tell you something right now. I know two activists groups that DO NOT PLAY when it comes to their causes. Those are Code Pink and PETA. You don’t want a minute of either one of them when they are fired up.

This is just natural democracy in action. I applaud the ladies and Code Pink for taking a stand for gays, women, and marriage equality. Unfortunately for people as closed minded as the GOP candidates, they probably won’t have a come-to-Jesus moment anytime soon.

Sidenote: Code Pink activists also tried to glitter Michele Bachmann at a speech two days later. But, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic or effective. ::sigh::

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