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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Tim Pawlenty Says Bye-Bye to the GOP Presidential Race

| On 14, Aug 2011

All “good” things must come to an end. And for GOP presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty, he could no longer live in the bubble of thinking he was the best candidate to unseat President Obama in 2012.

Reality is a bitch!  And so is the Ames Straw Poll that saw the former governor of Minnesota come in a distant third in the unofficial race.

Pawlenty is packing his bags and heading home after he never really got his campaign off the ground from the start. In GOP debates, he wouldn’t take direct swipes at Mitt Romney or Michele Bachmann over differing perspectives. After the first contest, he took to Twitter (of all places) to clarify his disagreement with Romney.

Add to that, Bachman and Romney were brighter (and richer) GOP stars anyway. Love them or hate them, the media has been far more attracted to them than other candidates. Now there is a new force called Rick Perry … a Texas-sized dose of conservatism who has been the nation’s longest-serving governor and the newest GOP hopeful.

Poor T-Paw. Better luck next time!

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