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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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TN Rep. Julia Hurley Carved Initials In Her Work Desk

| On 14, Jul 2011

Here's a relaxed shot of TN state Rep. Julia Hurley, a Republican who loves "making her mark" in the State House. lol..

I always say that I could never make this stuff up if I tried. More and more I really believe that.

In Tennessee, State Rep. Julia Hurley (R) will repay the state for damages she left after carving her initials, “JCH,” in a desk in the Statehouse. She admitted doing it, though she has said that she really doesn’t want to talk about the incident. According to her it happened around April and she doesn’t remember what she used to carve her initials into state property. Uhh yeah .. ok.

Hurley is 29 years old, a young lawmaker, but old enough to know better than to carve her initials in other folks’ things. What’s next? “JULIA WUZ HERE BAY-BEE” spray-painted on the wall of her office?

This is the same Julia Hurley who in February appeared in the magazine for the restaurant chain Hooters. She is a former employee of the tit-friendly company. Hurley discussed how the opportunity at Hooters prepared her to be a state lawmaker.

I’ll let YOU marinate on that one! People can find inspiration pretty much anywhere.

Here is a thumbnail shot of the damage courtesy of Erik Schelzig with the Associated Press:

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