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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Tom DeLay Dances His Way to the Slammer

| On 11, Jan 2011

Here's Tom DeLay in better days, reliving his youth on "Dancing With the Stars" with stiff moves and questionable Bee Gee-like sequins. *side-eye*

Former House Majority Leader and Dancing With The Stars candidate Tom DeLay, a Texas Republican, will find himself doing the cha-cha and twerking his hips behind prison bars very soon.

State Senior Judge Pat Priest sentenced DeLay to three years in the slammer for his role in funneling corporate money to state-level candidates in Texas. The state, along with 21 others, has a law on the books banning corporate money from state-level elections. Officials found that DeLay facilitated the transfer of $190,000 of corporate money between the Republican National Committee, himself, the candidates in Texas.

The judge also gave DeLay 10 years of community service for a separate charge of money laundering. The original sentence of an additional five years was reduced by the judge. These charges are pretty serious considering the amount of time DeLay should have received.

DeLay, of course, maintains his innocence and refused to apologize in court. He claims that his accountants and lawyers advised him that what he was doing was lawful. Observers think that his lack of remorse may have played a role in him landing time in prison.

The former U.S. representative served in Congress from 1984-2006 until he left in the scandal that ultimately led to his prison time. Before that, he served in the Texas House of Representatives from 1978-1984. DeLay gained a reputation as a hard-line conservative who was able to twist arms of his colleagues to get the votes the GOP needed in Washington. Prior to his role as House Majority Leader, DeLay served as House Majority Whip in Congress.

Though he once cheated on his wife, DeLay openly bashed the affairs of both former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former President Bill Clinton. DeLay said that because he was not cheating at the time of his remarks and because he found God, then it didn’t matter when he cheated. *insert major side-eye*

So ………………………….. You see the mentality we are working with here. This is the same man who thought it was ok to wear sequins and red/white barber shop quartet strips on national TV for his DWTS performances. Perhaps prison will show him the error of his ways?

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