Tracy Morgan “Got Hard” When Meeting the First Lady

| On 19, Apr 2011

The mental image of the headline just makes me wanna put my whole head in the toilet.

Watch the clip above from last night’s Lopez Tonight to see comedian Tracy Morgan talk about his brief encounter with First Lady Michelle Obama. When the subject turned to FLOTUS, Morgan let his true feelings be known when he saw her at the White House Correspondents Dinner. He says that the First Lady is a “a tall mountain” he would like to climb. He also said that he “got hard” when she spoke to him. WTF???

And with that I’d like to JUMP OFF of a tall mountain! I would be sad if I were Mrs. Obama. She’s not married to the leader of the free world to hear that kind of nonsense from TRACY MORGAN of all people.

He could find a little more respect for the lady he COULD NOT pull even if they were the last two left on the planet… lol..

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