Authorities Press Charges Against Tucson Mass Shooter

| On 10, Jan 2011

Cold-blooded killer Jared Loughner, 22, is pictured in high school in 2006. He is accused of killing six people and injuring 14 in Saturday's mass shooting in Tucson.

The city of Tucson and the rest of the nation are all coming to terms with the gravity of Saturday morning’s mass shooting in Arizona. Six people were left dead in the tragedy, including a federal judge. It severely wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) who was hosting a “Congress On Your Corner” event at a local grocery store. In addition to Giffords, 14 others were wounded.

At the crime scene on Saturday, authorities apprehended Jared Loughner, 22, who was seen blatantly shooting up the event. Since the incident, federal officials have charged Loughner with two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Loughner was set to appear in court at 2:00 p.m. Mountain time (4:00 p.m. Eastern) to answer to the charges. The Arizona Federal Public Defender’s Office wants Judy Clarke to defend Loughner. Her notoriety comes from defending the Unabomber and Susan Smith, who drowned her kids in 1994. I’m not even going to SPEAK on how someone can make a career out of defending the obviously guilty. *holds hand over mouth*

As more information becomes available about Loughner’s past, it’s clear as a bell that he was batshit crazy. He was somewhat obsessed with Rep. Giffords and had met her in 2007 at the same “Congress On Your Corner” event. He was a socially-awkward and at times scary-ass teen and young adult. His classmates and teachers from Pima Community College are on record as saying he was unhinged. He withdrew from the school in September after several run-ins with teachers.

Of course, there’s a long legal process that goes into bringing justice to this tragedy. I hope his punishment, though, is 100 times worse than anything the victims experienced. I’m outraged to say the very least.

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