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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Unemployment Only Drops Slightly in October to 9.0 Percent

| On 04, Nov 2011

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Federal unemployment figures are in for October 2011.

The jobless rate now stands at 9.0 percent, only falling from 9.1 percent the month prior. The president’s critics are using the numbers to show how they think his economic policies continue to fail the American people and that conservative practices will work better.

Reality has long set in for the American people. This recession and persistent unemployment is not simply a response to President Obama. Don’t let the enemy tell you otherwise. The seeds of this recession were sown long before he took office. The first major signs of trouble were in September 2008 when financial institutions began to collapse under faulty loans … during President Bush’s term.

I’m not here to rubber stamp the president’s policies. But it’s really hard to get a nation working again when Congress ties up every avenue they can to growth.

No, the government is not the only solution to our economic problems. People have to get off their asses in both political parties, show some initiative, start businesses, hire, and get creative about finding employment. It takes the work of everyone, not one person, to turn around an entire economy.

Look on the bright side. The numbers today show that 91 percent of Americans are working. I have strong hope that with some real creativity, people can help other people get working again.

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