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Violent Protests Sparked as Dummies Burn Quran

| On 04, Apr 2011

Rev. Terry Jones (l) and Pastor Wayne Sapp were the idiots in Florida who sparked the latest round of protest violence in Afghanistan. They burned a Quran, Islam's holy book. (Photo courtesy of AFP)

I’m all for freedom of speech and everything, but people really need to watch what the hell they are doing when trying to get their point(s) across.

Sadly, we have to go back to Gainesville, Florida to tell this ridiculous story involving Rev. Terry Jones. On March 20, Jones oversaw the burning of a Quran by another clergy member, Wayne Sapp. Jones gained notoriety in September 2010 when he wanted to burn Qurans on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Word got out about his plans, international outrage was sparked, and Jones canceled the burning.

This time, Jones, Sapp and a small crowd of 30 put the Quran “on trial,” where of course it was “found guilty” of crimes. As a “punishment,” the book was doused with kerosene and burned for 10 minutes.

The move sparked international outrage, especially in Afghanistan where protests have gotten out of hand. A reported 22 people were killed in violence during anti-American protests since Friday. Both NATO and U.S. military officials have spoken up saying that the burning has made matters worse for them and the security of people on the ground.

This act makes absolutely no sense. How do you put an inanimate object on trial? What is the point of burning the Quran? He speaks of how evil Islam is, but he purposely does things to incite violence. The Quran is a very sacred document to Muslims and they don’t play about it being mishandled. I don’t support their response to the burning, but I can see where they may have been provoked to at least protest.

Jones and Sapp have no regard for innocent lives on the ground in Afghanistan. This is much bigger than their simple opposition to Islam. They are just far to selfish and self-righteous to even care. This is why people need to completely think through their passion and its effect on others.

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