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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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White House Teleprompters and Audio Equipment Stolen in VA

| On 18, Oct 2011

Don't let me find out someone is hustling the president's audio equipment on the black market! (Photo credit unknown)

Richmond, Virginia … what in God’s name are you all doing there? Is the recession hitting you THAT damn bad?!

Word has come in from NBC 12 in Richmond that a truck carrying $200,000 worth of audio equipment, presidential seals, and podiums was stolen from a local Courtyard Marriott on Monday. The vehicle was recovered later in the day in another hotel parking lot near the airport. The president is scheduled to speak in Chesterfield, Virginia on Wednesday.

There is no indication yet if the thieves have been caught. It also doesn’t seem like they found any of the equipment with the recovered truck.

President Obama is currently on a three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia. So, he would have been using the equipment pretty regularly. Taking the president’s teleprompter is like removing his superpowers. How will he speak coherently to his supporters and the nation? lol…

The Department of Defense is investigating the matter. This means that the crooks in some DEEP sh*t! They are going under the jail. You do NOT want the Defense folks on your ass!

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