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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Missing WI Dems Get Bullied With $100 Daily Fine

| On 03, Mar 2011

Protests by union members and state workers are still going strong in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to financially starve the Democrats into coming back to work. (Photo by Jeff Miller for SEIU)

Things in Wisconsin are turning childish very quickly.

Since 14 Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate fled the state last month, the remaining Republican senators have been unable to establish a quorum to get their anti-union legislation through the Senate.

In response, the Republicans have passed a bill imposing a $100/day fine on the missing 14 Democrats who have gone A.W.O.L. from the job. The Dems scoffed at the amount because they have strong support from their families and constituents to keep up the stalemate.

Another sandbox move the GOP pulled was to limit photocopying and parking privileges of the staff of the missing Democrats. Who in the hell does that? Now people are drawing battle lines around a Xerox machine? Ok GOP. *side-eye*

The problem in Wisconsin boils down to a numbers game. Lawmakers cannot vote on bills unless at least 20 members are present. Republicans only have 19 members in the state Senate. So, one of the Democrats would have to return for business to resume.

Democrats have stayed in Illinois because of uncertainty about whether or not the Wisconsin State Patrol could force them to attend the session. To prevent a bust-up, the lawmakers just fled the state altogether because the troopers only have jurisdiction inside of Wisconsin.

Meanwhile back in Madison, Gov. Scott Walker (R) has proposed a budget that cuts $1.5 billion from education, including teachers, and local governments.

Way to invest in the future there, Scotty! Ugghh….

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