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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Wisconsin Democrats Come Up Short In Recalls

| On 10, Aug 2011

Voters couldn't give Democrats the "W" they needed to take over the Wisconsin Senate. (AP Photo by Dinesh Ramde)

They gave it the good ole’ college try, but Democrats came up short in their efforts to take control of the Wisconsin Senate.

There were six recall races in the state yesterday. Democrats gained two seats, but the GOP was able to hold on to four. There are two final recall elections on August 16, but those seats are already held by Democrats. At this time, those Dem candidates are far ahead of their opponents in fundraising.

**Click here to see the specific results from yesterday’s races.**

It was important that Democrats take control of the Senate because of their future plans to do a recall election on Gov. Scott Walker. By law, they aren’t able to move forward with those efforts until after January 3, 2012, which is 60 days after the one-year anniversary of his election. It will now be harder to advance that issue because the Senate is still Republican-controlled.

Walker recall supporters are undeterred by yesterday’s turn of events. They will need to submit 540,208 signatures, or 25% of ballots cast in the gubernatorial race, in order to start the recall process.

Personally, I think they can and should recall Walker. If voters in Ohio can gather over 915,000 signatures to put Senate Bill 5 back on the ballot in November, then they can do it in Wisconsin. To me, it seems that Walker has been the most hated of all the recall candidates, a subject of national and state-level ridicule. At a bare minimum, this is a great exercise in democracy and part of the job when you’re an elected official.

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