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Wisconsin Official Tries to Hide Free Voter-ID Cards

| On 08, Sep 2011

Voters in Wisconsin can get a free voter ID card, but they have to know the system and ask around.

The push for voter suppression is real out here folks.

In Wisconsin, they have a new law requiring strict voter ID to be show in order to vote. To aide those voters who may not have proper identification, the Department of Motor Vehicles is offering FREE voter ID cards to people.

There is a catch though.

Steve Krieser, executive secretary at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, has instructed workers NOT to voluntarily let people know about the free option for voter ID cards. If the person asks, then they can be directed to the free option. If someone doesn’t know about the free cards and doesn’t check a box on the DMV form, then they will have to pay a $28 fee.

That’s equivalent to a poll tax, which is against the law. I say that because the state is requiring specific forms of ID in order to vote. Without promoting the free option, they are indirectly forcing people that do not have proper ID to pay to vote.

And remember, bullshit like this is happening in a state like Wisconsin that already showed it hates workers and unions. They advance the conservative foothold when they suppress or “thinly veil” the entire vote. With close recall elections last month, for example, it was important to not push too many informed voters to the polls because then it would remove certain people from power. Hmmm…

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