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Wisconsin Rep. Gets Tackled at the State Capitol

| On 04, Mar 2011

They have lost their minds and their last shred of dignity in the Wisconsin State Government as of last night.

With tensions running high because of the anti-union legislation, pro-union protests, and walkout of 14 Democratic state senators, the State Capitol hasn’t been the most “tourist-friendly” place in the past couple of weeks.

On Thursday night, things came to a head as state Rep. Nick Milroy (D) was tackled to the ground by Capitol Police as he attempted to enter the building. Milroy serves in the House, not the Senate, and is not one of the 14 lawmakers that have been AWOL.

This wasn’t a mob scene where several people were taken down at once. No, Milroy was grabbed by the collar and thrown to the ground like he has never in life received a W-2 from state government. You can here people in the background say, “He works here..”

Milroy says he was getting some clothes out of his office and he shouted that in the officers faces. He was not arrested, just detained, according to one of his staffers.

There are several people in Wisconsin’s government that need to have a seat as quickly as possible. When was tackling a lawmaker ok? They are taking this budget situation way too far in the Badger State.

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