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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Wisconsin Voters Kick Themselves For Electing Gov. Walker

| On 01, Mar 2011

Wisconsin residents can't return Gov. Scott Walker to the pit they got him from, not even with a receipt.

With all the hoopla going on in Wisconsin, the drama has set in long enough for the pollsters to contact a few people in the state. They wanted to find out what some of the state’s residents thought about Governor Scott Walker, a Republican.

In a nutshell, they want their money back on the shiny new governor who just took office in January. Not even two months on the job and many in Wisconsin are not pleased about how he’s handling the standoff with the unions.

PPP conducted a recent survey of 768 voters between Feb. 24-27 that found that 52 percent of them would vote for Democrat Tom Barrett if they could vote today. Only 45 percent would cast ballots for Walker. That’s almost a reverse of the November results in which Walker carried the state by 52 percent to Barrett’s 47 percent.

People are pissed off in Wisconsin, but they have to sit and take their collective beating since they put him in office. The people of Wisconsin only have 46 more months to go! *side-eye*

Gov. Walker isn’t doing much to help his case after he made himself look like an ass on Meet The Press on Sunday. He basically admitted that despite the unions’ willingness to take pay cuts, he still wasn’t willing to negotiate with them unless they completely remove collective bargaining from the deal. Union members are not trying to take away their right to negotiate health care and other benefits!

When is Gov. Walker going to learn? His philosophy of union-busting sucks big time in a pro-union state. His stance was cute at first, but he may not be prepared to deal with the machine that is big union.

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