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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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WTF PHOTO: Rick Perry Checks Ron Paul After GOP Debate

| On 08, Sep 2011

TX Gov. Rick Perry (l) had a word or two for Rep. Ron Paul (r) after the GOP debate last night in California. (Photo by Reuters)

Photographers caught an unscripted moment after the GOP presidential debates last night in California.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry pulled Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), his opponent, to the side and have a word with him after the event was over.

The exchange between the two was unclear, but it could have possibly been a chance to settle the score from their fireworks in the debate. On television, Perry took a jab at Paul noting how he almost left the Republican Party under the Reagan Administration in the 1980’s. Ron Paul aired a campaign ad earlier in the week calling Perry out for supporting Al Gore for president in 2000.

It’s obvious that Big Rick had a few things on his mind! But, why is he picking on defenseless 76-year-olds? He should know that putting the hand in someone’s face “will get you popped!!”

Sidebar: Shout-out to VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman who would have wrestled Rick Perry to the ground for pulling this stunt.


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