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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Yes, There Are Black People in the Occupy Wall Street Movement

| On 25, Oct 2011

If you have been keeping tabs on the Occupy Wall Street movement, you’ll know that it has been growing in size over the past few weeks. It has spread to several major cities across the country, helping to mobilize people fed up with the economic system as it stands.

There has been one lingering complaint, however. Observers have said that black people and other minority groups have not been properly represented in the movement. From the looks of TV, that could easily be a true statement. But, we know people of color are out there in the protests.

In the video, shot by social justice advocate Yolo Akili, we get to meet real black people ::gasp:: in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Listen to some of their stories about why they are there and how the movement is about ALL people. I thought this was an interesting angle on the OWS crowd.


Thanks to Yolo Akili sharing the video!

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