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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Actress Nia Long Pops Up to Support Obama Campaign (VIDEO)

| On 10, Jul 2012

The celebrity endorsements continue to roll in for President Obama these days.

Actress Nia Long recently sat down to tape a video endorsement of the president. The campaign posted the video on their YouTube channel on Tuesday.

For me, it’s important to see a figure like Long involved publicly with the campaign. It’s not that Obama is at a loss for black people to support him. However, it’s good seeing a strong African-American actress support the president and talk about key issues resonates with the community in a way the president perhaps cannot.

Think of it as a new way of telling the same story. I’m a fan of Long’s and appreciated seeing her in this capacity.

This is all a part of the Obama campaign’s continued strategy to reach specific groups of people — i.e., Latinos, African-Americans, women, LGBT — with targeted spokespeople.



What do you think of some of the celebrity endorsements President Obama has received in recent months? 

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