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Ad Attacks Obama’s ‘Self-Centered’ Approach on bin Laden (VIDEO)

| On 02, May 2012

Here’s another mudslinging ad for the 2012 election season!

If you remember, the president has taken flack in recent days for supposedly “politicizing” the one-year anniversary of the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden.

It’s one of the most ass-backwards claims I’ve heard.

A group, called Veterans for a Strong America, put an ad together showing President Obama referencing himself often regarding the effort to attack bin Laden. They are trying to say that Obama isn’t make it a team effort, but more about what “he” did.

I don’t agree.

The president is the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. He has the final say on all matters related to the military. He authorized the strike, yes with help from the on-the-ground forces, but it was his call. His opponents want to forget that fact.

And why would a president not mention the act of killing the world’s most wanted terrorist on his watch? Republicans created the war and now they’re mad that Obama is finishing the job? Oh ok…

I do think the ad is effective if you believe the storyline. It definitely got my attention.



Does the president have the right to remind the American people about his administration’s killing of Osama bin Laden? 

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