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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Alabama Votes to KEEP Racist Language In Its Constitution

| On 13, Nov 2012

Alabama statehouse Montgomery capital

I’m not sure what’s going on up in the Alabama statehouse or with the state’s voters. Pray for them! (Photo credit unknown)

Last week’s election wasn’t just about the much-hyped presidential race. Remember hundreds of state and local races also took place.

Let’s go to Alabama for a second. Residents there voted by a 60-39 percent margin NOT to remove language from the state’s constitution that discusses poll taxes and racially-separated schools.

Read my words clearly. On November 6, the people of Alabama voted to KEEP the orders of blacks and whites going to separate schools. Neither group is allowed to mix in the others’ schools. Also, poll taxes are legally on the books for the state’s residents.¬†Voters essentially kept the same constitution from 1901 and brought it forward to 2012.

What are the people of Alabama thinking?!

Obviously, this state-level distinction means nothing because the federal government doesn’t allow poll taxes or separate public schools. It’s still the principle, though.

This is the same state that voted for Mitt Romney over President Obama by a 60-38 percent margin — roughly the same percentage as the ‘separate schools’ vote. Six of their seven House districts are Republican-led. None of those six GOP districts cracked the 40 percent mark in votes for the Democratic challenger.

This is the definition of a RED STATE! It’s amazing how far away from the rest of the country they are on certain issues. Wow!

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