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Allen West Loses His House Seat, But Demands Recount

| On 07, Nov 2012

Patrick Murphy Allen West

(Photo by Getty Images/Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

One of my least favorite members of the House of Representatives received his much-need pink slip from voters on Tuesday.

Allen West, the Republican incumbent in Florida’s 18th district, lost his seat to Democrat Patrick Murphy in a 50.4 to 49.6% margin. In his acceptance speech, Murphy alluded to West’s crazy nature.

“Allen West was quite a character to run against … And I’ll keep it at that, and hopefully that’s the last time I ever need to mention his name, too,” Murphy said according to Politico. Now THAT’S a loaded statement.

West isn’t going out gracefully, though. He demanded a recount because of the slim margin of votes between the two. He seems to think that Democrats in St. Lucie County are up to some funny stuff when he lost his lead in the counting as more Democratic votes were added up.

Mind you, West faced a less GOP-friendly electorate since his district was recently redrawn. I think he knew he would possibly lose and wanted to pin it on the Democrats early.

What’s with all these Republicans who refuse to face reality that people are NO LONGER voting for them?  ::coughMittRomneycough::

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