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America Airs Its First Tourism Commercial (VIDEO)

| On 24, Apr 2012

Our friends over at Foolocracy offered a heads-up on a first for the United States of America. We now have our own tourism commercial!

Before you get excited, know that you’re probably not featured in the one-minute spot. In fact, some of the locations you may not recognize. That’s ok, I guess, because America is “diverse.”

The advertisement is an outflow of one of the few things the White House and Congress agreed on back in 2010. The Travel Promotion Act was signed into law by President Obama that year. It established Brand USA, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization whose sole purpose was to promote travel to the U.S. and provide information about entry.

I have to give it up for whomever filmed the commercial. The scenery is beautiful and the colors pop. For a second, I didn’t think I was looking at the U.S. If I didn’t live here, this may make me want to pay a visit.

Since they will probably do more spots, I’d love to see more authentic American sights in the next one. Show some traffic, smog, the ‘hood, a party, or some place with really good and fattening food. Show people getting off work only to head home and sit on the couch. Get creative with it!



Do you believe America needs a tourism commercial?

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