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Animal Lovers Speak Out Against Mitt Romney

| On 17, Apr 2012

Mitt Romney can't catch a break from people or animals. LOL! (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Mitt Romney always draws criticism from Democrats, as expected. However, I recently learned of an active campaign from dog lovers who are pissed with the GOP front-runner about how he treated his late family pet.

Dogs Against Mitt Romney is not happy with how the candidate and his family traveled with Seamus, their Irish setter, during some past vacations in the early 1980’s. As the Romney family drove 12 hours to Canada, they would put the dog in an enclosed crate on the car’s rooftop. One time the dog got sick on one of the drives and used the bathroom all over the windshield of the car.

Once that word hit the streets, animal lovers were not happy with Romney.

In an unaired portion of a recent ABC News interview, the Romneys discussed their late dog. Ann Romney actually defended the treatment of Seamus saying he enjoyed the rides. However, her husband added that they would have never strapped the dog to the roof if it they would have known the political fallout it would cause.

As usual, the Romneys have shown how they will play pretty much any situation for political game. It’s a common thing in politics, but happens far too often with Mitt Romney.

I still have to throw a side-eye to the animal lovers on this one. Just let Seamus rest in peace. It’s obvious that the family loved their dog. They don’t need to be judged as well. lol..



Do you think that animal lovers are being fair to Mitt Romney for his treatment of his late dog? 

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