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Ann Romney Says “You People” Won’t See Her Tax Returns (VIDEO)

| On 19, Jul 2012

The Romney campaign has sent the presumptive candidate’s wife, Ann, out on the road to tout how great he is.

In an interview on Thursday with Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America,” Mrs. Romney answered the looming question about where are their tax returns prior to 2010. The former Massachusetts governor refuses to release them and Roberts honed in on the topic.

In so many words, Mrs. Romney reiterated her husband’s point that they will NOT be releasing more returns.

But, it was one statement in particular that got people talking.

Mrs. Romney said, We’ve given all you people need to know about our financial situation and how we live our life.”

YOU PEOPLE?! Really Ann? Wow. I guess we are all just peasants in their world.

I don’t see her statement as a black/white issue, but it’s a questionable way to speak to anybody. *shrug*



Are you offended by Ann Romney’s “you people..” statement she made on “Good Morning America?”


Thanks to Talking Points Memo for the shortened video clip. 

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