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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Aurora Victims Take Blame For Shooting, Says Fmr. AZ State Senator

| On 23, Jul 2012

Russell Pearce Arizona state senator Aurora Colorado

Former AZ state Sen. Russell Pearce gets the “Dummy of the Day” award for his comments about the Aurora shooting. (Photo credit unknown)

The Aurora, Colorado shooting victims are somewhat to blame for their injuries and untimely deaths. That is, if you believe one former Arizona state senator.

Russell Pearce recently offered some backhanded compassion in a Facebook post (see link) about Friday’s mass shooting. After expressing his sympathy for those hurt or killed, he posed a question.

This bastard actually wanted to know why no one in the theater acted like the passengers of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. If you remember, the people stuck on that ill-fated flight had to rush the cockpit and overtake the terrorists. The plane unfortunately went down in a remote field in Pennsylvania.

Pearce invoked gun control into his rant. He felt that if more of the people were armed then maybe they could have stopped Holmes. Umm, why would a whole theater of people need to be armed anywhere? They were in Aurora, Colorado … not downtown Baghdad!

This is the perfect example of why everyone does not need a media platform. Here Pearce is spewing stupidity on the helpless victims of a senseless tragedy. And he (in a way) blames THEM for their fate?

Pearce had to realize something was wrong with his statements because they are conveniently missing from his Facebook page now. Hopefully, he snapped back into reality.



What do you think of former AZ state Sen. Russell Pearce’s comments about the Aurora shooting victims?¬†

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