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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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AZ-Gov. Jan Brewer Gets Pissed About Climate Change Questions (VIDEO)

| On 06, Dec 2012

The governor that Americans love to hate, Arizona’s Jan Brewer (R), has shown out again for all the world to see.

Apparently, Gov. Brewer doesn’t believe that climate change is real — in a state where 110F is considered cool and breezy. She got on a Phoenix TV station and spewed this belief in a short, impromptu clip.

After realizing that her opinions really do sound stupid on television, Brewer double-backed to the news reporter and tried to check him.

She snapped, “Why in the hell did you ask me that?”

Ummm … let me guess that reporters are supposed to kinda ASK QUESTIONS and wait for responses as part of their job descriptions? And also, isn’t she the governor? Maybe I’m wrong….

A photographer who saw the interview in-person also claimed that Brewer hit the reporter on the arm to get his attention about her displeasure. He claims the “hit” was really a tap, but I guess he thought it would make news. I’m not surprised at Jan, though. Remember when she got in President Obama’s face about his critique of her book, “Scorpions For Breakfast?”

The point is that Jan Brewer got caught slipping on the topic of climate change and she got mad with the reporter. But, we’ve LONG known that she isn’t up to par on a lot of today’s issues.

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