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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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AZ-Gov Jan Brewer May Run For a Third Term

| On 13, Dec 2012

Jan Brewer governor Arizona third term immigration illegals Spanish

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Arizona voters may get one more chance to prove that they have SOME sense at the voting booth.

Gov. Jan Brewer, probably the least favorite governor I’ve covered on PJM, is here to let you know that she’s not above running for a third term. It’s unclear on what merits she thinks she deserves a third try. But, whatever….

That gives the people of Arizona ample time to pack their sh*t, call the movers, and high-tail it out of the state if she is serious. Ask questions later people!

Her support of SB 1070 alone makes her a terrible leader all by itself. This is the bill that she signed into law making it a crime for illegal immigrants to be in Arizona. It would have also allowed any person suspected of being illegal to be stopped for questioning. Well, the Supreme Court struck down most of the law. But, Jan was right out front supporting it before they sat her down.

In addition, her disrespect of President Obama, bumbling responses about her job qualifications, and chewing out reporters for asking simple questions have all made me more than tired of seeing her run Arizona. I don’t even live in the state and I want her gone.

The people of Arizona need to have a long talk with Jesus if they re-elect that woman. I’m gonna believe that they don’t love themselves if it happens.

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