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AZ Senate Candidate Not Sold On Obama’s Citizenship

| On 23, Apr 2012

Senate candidate Wil Cardon is stoking the flames of stupidity to get votes. (Photo via Twitter)

This storyline from some members of the GOP is really tired now. But, it’s the start of campaign season and some people have to draw straws to get elected.

Let’s go out to Arizona for a second, the Motherland of all things politically WTF. Wil Cardon, a Republican, is running for the U.S. Senate seat that will soon be vacated by Senator Jon Kyl (R).

In recent remarks to the Arizona Republic, Cardon would not blatantly say he thought Pres. Obama was a U.S. citizen.

“I think people who run for office — if there are certain qualifications to run for office, they ought to prove that they meet those qualifications,” Cardon said.

“I haven’t been in the middle of that inspection,” Cardon said about verifying the president’s birth certificate he released in 2011. “I’m running my own race right now, not worrying about Obama’s race.” [SOURCE]

The birth certificate issue is an old one, but a fan favorite of the extreme right-wing. As candidates rise from ultra-conservative enclaves like Arizona, they know all of the right buttons to push to rally their fringe bases. In Cardon’s case, it’s his lack of throwing cold water on the issue that’s the problem.

I’d like Cardon to focus on spelling ‘Tucson’ correctly more than he worries about where the president came into the world.



Are you surprised that some conservatives won’t let the Obama birth certificate issue die?

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