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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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AZ State Rep. Daniel Patterson Has Colleagues Fearing Him

| On 04, Apr 2012

Does Rep. Daniel Patterson have a face you should be afraid of? (Photo credit unknown)

In the Arizona House, Rep. Daniel Patterson (D-Tucson) is not one to be played with.

According to Talking Points Memo, he has earned the reputation of being a hard-ass colleague who has mood swings that cause him to blow up in work settings.

The latest news out of Phoenix is that some of Patterson’s fellow representatives in the State Capitol are afraid of him. Rep. Margaret “Lynne” Pancrazi (D-Yuma) said in an ethics complaint against Patterson that she sleeps with a weapon by her bed out of fear. He has allegedly cursed out lawmakers and been verbally and near-physically abusive to others.

What in all Ike Turner hell is going on in the Arizona House of Representatives?!

Patterson is no stranger to unruly outbursts. In February, he was charged with four counts of misdemeanor domestic violence stemming from an altercation with his live-in girlfriend. In a separate incident, his ex-wife claimed that he was violent with her. She took out a restraining order on him.

When lawmakers found out about Patterson’s incident with his girlfriend, they filed the ethics complaint that now has them in fear.

I’m just not processing this. Fear? At work? Hell nawl. It’s one thing for a crazed constituent you don’t know to threaten your life (i.e., the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy). But, I cannot support being publicly afraid of another elected official.

This guy has some serious issues and he knows it. He already mentioned on Twitter that he plans to most likely suspend his re-election campaign and focus on family.

I mean, is he going to sit at home all day and harass the hell out of them too?

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