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Prune Juice Media | April 23, 2014

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Bill Maher’s Backwoods “Mississippi” Segment

| On 13, Mar 2012

If I were from Mississippi, I would be thoroughly disappointed in this clip Bill Maher put together. Not because of Bill, but the people IN the clip. lol..

Ahead of today’s primary races in Mississippi, Alexandra Pelosi (not-so-ironically House Minority Leader Nancy’s daughter) headed to state to interview people about why they are so conservative. They also touched on their feelings about President Obama (“he’s a half breed”), black people, and government welfare.

Oh, this one here’s a gem! ::sigh::

[Thanks to Drew for the tip!]



What do you truly think about this video?

Have your experiences in Mississippi involved people like the ones in the clip? 


  1. Michelle Gomillion

    Oh my damn!

  2. ProudMississippian

    Yeah. There are folks like this in Mississippi. And in Ohio. And in New Jersey. And in California. Shall I continue? (Please notice: I can spell. I use proper grammar and punctuation. I have all my teeth. I make $125,000 a year. And….I was born and raised in Mississippi. Go figure.)

    • guest

      but you left.

    • Michelle Gomillion

      It's not about the money you make

  3. Debbie

    Very embarrassing…..there are actually some very progressive people who live in Mississippi…but unfortunately these folks live here too. Oh well, *shake head and cringe*

  4. ybl

    the South shall RISE again? WE lost the war? Surely he's not referring to the war on terror!

  5. Yolanda

    There are so many things I could say……*hangs head*

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