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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Bitter Mitt Romney Is Pissed At John Roberts’ Healthcare Ruling

| On 06, Jul 2012

Mitt Romney U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts

Mitt Romney probably wanted to run John Roberts over with his Maybach Phantom after last week’s SCOTUS health care ruling. (Photo credit unknown)

The landmark Supreme Court decision last week to keep most parts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 had rippling effects across the country.

Media outlets pounced on the decision, pundits and regular people weighed in, and of course, the presidential candidates had something to say.

For President Obama, it was a victory that will define a large part of his presidency. With Mitt Romney, he just had the eternal sad face and vowed to repeal “Obamacare” on day one of his presidency.

Fast forward to this week and people are still talking about the Supreme Court’s decision. Romney was asked recently if as president he would support nominating another Supreme Court justice like John Roberts, who is a pretty tough conservative.

Romney answered with quite a telling quote in a CBS interview, as pointed out on Talking Points Memo:

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t nominate someone who I knew was gonna come out with a decision I violently disagreed with — or vehemently, rather, disagreed with …. And he reached a conclusion I think that was not accurate and not an appropriate conclusion. But that being said, he’s a very bright person and I’d look for individuals that have intelligence and believe in following the Constitution.” [SOURCE]

But, get this. Romney’s website said that he “will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito.”

So which is it?

Romney seems awfully bitter about the healthcare ruling that kept in place the individual mandate forcing everyone have some form of health insurance by 2014. It’s the same mandate that seems to have worked just fine when Romney did it in Massachusetts a few years ago.

I don’t understand this whole idea how one ruling can piss off someone so bad. Does Roberts work for the candidates or the American people? People always say how they want justices to follow the Constitution. But, as soon as a ruling comes down that people don’t like .. then they want to throw tomatoes at the court. *sigh*



Do you think it’s fair for Mitt Romney to single out John Roberts for his vote on the healthcare ruling last week?

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