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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Budget Drama Sends Natl. Weather Service Director Packing

| On 29, May 2012

Jack Hayes hustled himself out of the NWS scandal ASAP with his "early retirement" announcement. (NOAA photo)

There’s a little bit of scandal going on over at the National Weather Service. It’s shocking, or at least surprising, because you never hear anything about the NWS.

Since it is a federal agency, they are appropriated funds from Congress for specific items and purposes. Any budget changes that cause certain money to be used for other reasons have to be approved by Congress.

In the case of the National Weather Service, they moved around $30 million without authorization and it has landed them in some hot water. To be clear, there is no real scandal around how the money was eventually used. It’s simply that money was shifted without Congressional approval and it looks bad on the agency.

As the fallout began, the powers-that-be went into typical “cover your ass” mode. The executive director, Jack Hayes, announced his early retirement from the job. An acting assistant administrator will serve in the role, according to

A statement from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reiterated that there was no evidence that money was moved out of the organization or used for personal gain.

It is weird, though, how Hayes abruptly left the job if nothing crucial happened with the $30 million. Hmmm….

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