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Cleveland Billboards Will No Longer Intimidate Voters

| On 29, Oct 2012

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Voter intimidation billboards like these are coming down in Cleveland. (Photo credit unknown)

Here’s a bit of good news in this crazy election season.

Voter intimidation billboards placed in some Midwestern swing states have been pulled down in one major market. In Cleveland, the billboards that received a ton of negative media attention and even protests were pulled by Clear Channel. The company says that the messages went against their policy to not accept anonymous political ads

The company was paid by an unnamed family foundation to display the billboards that warned of jail time and a $10,000 fine if people took part in voter fraud. Many viewed the signs as racist since they were placed in predominantly African-American and Latino areas.

In addition to Cleveland, the billboards also appeared in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. All the cities are key Democratic metro areas where President Obama tends to receive more of the winning vote.

The removal of the billboards was a win for Democrats and voting rights activists in this contentious election season. Scare tactics often become a choice for people seeking to suppress the vote primarily in favor of Republican candidates. Ohio was also a hotbed for suppression efforts in both the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections.

In place of the old signage, Clear Channel has agreed to donate 10 billboards in the area that will read with the following message: [SOURCE]

(Photo credit unknown)

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