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Clint Eastwood’s Lunatic Speech Dominates RNC (VIDEO)

| On 31, Aug 2012

Filmmaker and actor Clint Eastwood easily made himself more (in)famous on Thursday night at the Republican National Convention.

Eastwood was the “surprise” speaker at the gathering. I’m confused that all of this week-long hoopla led to such a terrible “surprise.” He addressed the crowd two slots before Mitt Romney officially accepted the nomination for president.

The speech was one that America, especially the Internet, won’t soon forget.

For over 10 minutes, the actor rambled and spoke off-message to an empty chair that represented President Obama. Several bad jokes underscored his points about the president’s shortcomings. Somehow in that mess he managed to praise Romney and Ryan. For what, I don’t know….

There was so much WRONG with the speech that it looks like the only people who halfway enjoyed it were in the convention audience.

There is hope in the new Twitter hashtag #Eastwooding that came from the spoken word disaster. If you see people randomly talking to empty chairs then you know they are channeling their inner-Clint. Feel free to pass them their meds while you’re at it.



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