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Condi Rice Talks Foreign Policy In Lofty RNC Speech (VIDEO)

| On 31, Aug 2012

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a semi-rare public appearance to support her Republican brethren.

Rice spoke on Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention. Her speech was geared more foreign policy aspects, a favorite of hers as secretary of state and National Security Adviser in the Bush White House.

The speech she gave was actually good. My issue though is the problems she laid out about America do not reflect issues created by the Obama Administration. In fact, a lot of the trouble started under her former boss, George W. Bush.

I like how Condi tried her best to keep it classy and focus on what (she thinks) Romney and Ryan can do versus what Obama hasn’t. Of all the RNC speakers, she was one of the few that tried to walk on the high road.



What role could you see Condi Rice playing in a potential Romney/Ryan administration? 

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