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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Dick Cheney Gets Blunt and Calls Sarah Palin’s VP Nod a ‘Mistake’ (VIDEO)

| On 01, Aug 2012

Dick Cheney is back and stronger than ever with a new heart.

Armed with his usual shade, the former vice president spoke with ABC News about the process Mitt Romney is undergoing to pick a running mate in the fall. He used the debacle of picking Sarah Palin in the 2008 election as the perfect example of what Romney should NOT do.

This is a rare day around here because I actually agree with the former vice president.

Palin got wind of Cheney’s comments and wasn’t too pleased. She made a joke of his 2006 hunting accident where he pelted a friend in the face with hunting ammo.

The real question is why is Palin still upset that people are telling the truth about her weak candidacy? Her actions and lack of experience made John McCain’s ticket go down in flames. They even did a movie (see “Game Change”) about it. Everybody knew that Palin was ill-equipped to lead the country if needed. That’s why she’s out of work now.

Cheers to Cheney for finally preaching the gospel about someone on his side of the aisle!

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