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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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DNC Highlight: Obama Addresses Nay-Sayers In Push to Election Day

| On 12, Sep 2012

Unless you were living under a rock last week, then you may have missed President Obama’s memorable speech to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

This speech stuck out in my mind because it’s one of the largest audiences the president has for a campaign speech. Yes, he gives speeches all the time in various parts of the country. But, never are so many eyes on him at one time — other than a State of the Union address, update on the death of bin Laden, etc.

Obama wasted no time hitting back at his critics and inspiring people to believe in his cause of moving the country forward. It was good to see him use such a popular speech to address the criticisms that have been thrown his way.

I have to admit this is a different man than the one who rallied America four years ago. Gone are the “hope and change” slogans. They have since been replaced with “Forward,” to signify that despite the stalemates of the last four years, we still must press on.



What did you think of President Obama’s address to the Democratic National Convention last week? 

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