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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Donald Trump Makes Pointless Announcement About Obama (VIDEO)

| On 24, Oct 2012

What an anti-climatic “announcement” on this fine Wednesday afternoon.

Celebrity Apprentice host and real estate mogul Donald Trump tried to stop the hands of time with his YouTube message about President Obama. In the video, Trump essentially tries to blackmail the president into showing his college transcripts and passport records. In exchange, within one hour of the release of the records and approval by Trump, he supposedly will give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice.


Donald Trump might as well go ahead and say, “This nigger Barack Obama is ill-fit for the office of the presidency.” It will just confirm what everyone believes is in Trump’s heart and mind anyway.

Think about these tough questions for a second and give me your responses in the comments section:

  • Who died and made Donald Trump relevant?
  • Don’t you think that after showing his transcripts/passport information that Trump will STILL think the president is not qualified for office?
  • Why is Trump pimping charities in this fashion? Giving should not be predicated on producing documents.
  • Who gives a sh*t what Obama’s transcripts and passport information looks like? You don’t attend two Ivy League schools and slip through the cracks.

Stay woke y’all. Delegitimizing someone is the new black. I hope Obama continues to ignore this foolishness.

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