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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Election Year State of the Union Speech Shows a Fiesty Pres. Obama

| On 28, Jan 2012

President Obama’s annual State of the Union address was held this past Tuesday. Though I live-tweeted it, I’m just now getting around to a posting it due to some personal travel.

In short, this was an election year speech. The president drew a line in the sand for his detractors and said, “Either you’re with my Administration or you’re against us.” He laid out a lot of accomplishments his team has made and others they are aiming for.

The speech was full of grand ideas about a range of topics. If you ever watch a few of the president’s speeches, he hits on similar points in every one — war, economy, jobs, education, immigration, etc., depending on the audience or the issue. This was no different.

As usual, however, the State of the Union speech lacked in concrete deadlines. At several points, the president laid out a proposal and told Congress to “send me a bill on it.” Well ……… it hasn’t exactly worked that way in this Congress where real work is an afterthought.

You should definitely watch the speech because it was entertaining, if nothing else. Here are a few quick highlights that jumped out at me:

  • The focus is still on other forms of clean energy to get us off the drug addiction of foreign oil.
  • Public colleges are encouraged to lower tuition costs otherwise face less taxpayer money to survive. Also, the president wants to continue to focus on community colleges as the new pipelines for job (re)-training.
  • States are encouraged to require high school students to either graduate or stay in school until they turn 18 years old. They feel that if students are forced to learn they have higher graduation rates. (I don’t see this going very far in the state houses).
  • Homeowners in good standing with homes underwater are being offered a chance to refinance at lower interest rates with government help and less red tape.
  • Companies that create American jobs and do not outsource are encouraged to receive tax incentives.
  • There will be a continued crackdown on financial crimes, predatory lending, and overall abuses against American consumers. (I fully agree with this step!)

To see other ideas laid out in the speech, click here for its full text.


What were your honest thoughts of the president’s 2012 State of the Union speech? Did you watch it? Do you care?

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