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Fake Small Business Owner Seen In Conservative Ad (VIDEO)

| On 25, Jul 2012

Right-leaning conservative political action groups are PRESSED these days to hammer President Obama.

One great example this week is from American Crossroads, the group that was parodied by an actor in our last post for their overly-dramatic ads.

In their ad titled, “Build,” the group hits back at Obama over his comments on small business he made in Virginia on July 13. Conveniently, the remarks have been taken out of context in conservative media circles. *glares at FOX News*

It seems that since the making of the ad, American Crossroads ran into a bit of an issue of their own. While using the president’s “build that” remarks against him, they used an actor at one point in the ad from old B-roll footage and not a real small business owner.

The man at the 0:37 mark with the flannel shirt, according to Rachel Maddow’s blog, has made appearances in iStock video footage before. Usually, attack ads such as this feature real people and not actors. But, if so many small business owners were “outraged” at the president, why aren’t they in the ad?

The hypocrisy lives on.

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