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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Florida Lawmakers Are Scared to Pee In the Cup for Drug Tests

| On 28, Feb 2012

FL State Rep. Jimmie Smith doesn't have enough backbone to make state lawmakers submit to drug testing. Figures! (Photo by Meredith Geddings)

Hypocrisy flows like water from the Florida Legislature these days.

The latest issue is surrounding drug testing for state workers in a bill sponsored by Florida Rep. Jimmie Smith (R-Lecanto). He wants state agencies to make sure their workers aren’t getting high as a kite in their spare time. However, Smith won’t include legislators on the drug testing list.

Rep. Smith says that making legislators “pee in the cup” is a violation of their constitutional rights, even though they are state employees as well. That makes zero sense.

Smith based his logic on Chandler v. Miller, a 1997 U.S. Supreme Court case that said Georgia political candidates were exempt from drug testing. [SOURCE]

FL Gov. Rick Scott found himself in hot water last year with his attempts to make drug testing mandatory for every welfare applicant. He also tried to order some state agencies to test workers. He was sued by outside groups and all of the testing has been halted for now.

And we can’t forget how The Daily Show pissed on Gov. Scott (pun fully intended) for his drug-testing decisions for Floridians. They also make a mockery of state Rep. Scott Plakon, sponsor of a bill for mandatory testing of welfare recipients.

I’m not opposed to drug testing for government employees, as it’s a routine practice in the private sector. But, lawmakers can’t pick and choose who gets tested and constantly leave themselves out of the equation.

If you set the rules, then help to set the example!

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