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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Flyer With Obama Next to Swastika Distributed in Michigan (PHOTO)

| On 30, Apr 2012

It wasn't the greatest idea to put these on cars and parking meters. WTF? (Photo credit unknown)

Someone in Grand Rapids, Michigan decided to play mailman on some parked cars in the city.

The flyers they left depicted President Obama’s face next to a swastika. The connotation was that the president is trying to turn the U.S. into Nazi Germany with Obama acting like Adolf Hitler.

The pamphlet said that a holocaust was coming to the U.S. It also promoted radical ideas about the healthcare bill, the military, etc.

I understand the some people do not agree with the president and/or his policies on certain issues. But, holocaust?! Where are people pulling this stuff from? That’s much too extreme and simply not true. I’m sure it’s also offensive to Jewish people who have relatives who lived through that atrocity.

That would be like someone saying Mitt Romney wanted to re-institute slavery. It’s absolutely not true and wouldn’t be fair to him.

In true coward form, the person(s) who developed the flyer did not identify themselves.



Do you think that examples like this of extreme political speech take public debates too far? 


Thanks to Think Progress for the heads-up on the story!

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