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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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GA Rep. Phil Gingrey Knocks ‘African-Americans For Obama’ Group (AUDIO)

| On 26, Apr 2012

Now this clip made me a little hot as I played it.

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Georgia) took to the radio to throw jabs at President Obama’s campaign strategy. He believes the president is using racially divisive tactics to rally his base and support his re-election. 

Gingrey’s prime example is the ‘African-Americans for Obama’ group that the president’s campaign created to rally a prime sub-group of his base .. black people.

There is a major hole in Gingrey’s argument though. The AAFO group has existed since 2007 and (to my knowledge) the congressman has been silent about it. Also, the Obama campaign has several additional sub-groups, including those targeting LGBT, women, Latinos, veterans and military families, nurses, and Jewish Americans, among others. He has always marketed his campaign to an array of people.

I’m not seeing where the racial divisiveness comes into play. Different groups have different issues.

Gingrey says that if Mitt Romney created a group, “White Folks for Mitt Romney” that the nation would be in an uproar. On the surface his argument is solid. However, white people are the majority of the population and have been the primary audience to which Romney has directed his campaign. Almost every one of the issues Romney and Obama discuss have a major impact on white people. Last time I checked, minorities and women aren’t exactly receiving first class treatment in every issue.

Gingrey needs to worry about why Mitt Romney and his entire party are NOT opening their doors to a diverse group of people!



What do you think about Gingrey’s comments on ‘African-Americans For Obama’?

Do you think it’s necessary for political campaigns to segment their audiences?


Shout-out to Think Progress for the YouTube audio clip!

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