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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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George H. W. Bush to Endorse Mitt Romney for President

| On 28, Mar 2012

Former President George H. W. Bush (Photo credit unknown)

…. and we continue to not give a collective sh*t about it!

The nation’s 41st president is gearing up for an event in Houston, Texas on Thursday where he is expected to formally endorse GOP front-runner Mitt Romney.

Some members of the press are trying to make some hoopla out of the announcement, but I just don’t see it.

Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington could rise from their graves, step to the mic, and endorse Mitt Romney and Republican voters would still be sketchy about him. People just don’t get into him!

The state of Texas has a major primary contest on May 29. Conservative Texans tend to respect Bush 41, so he still holds some weight there. The state’s contest is going to be a big win for either Romney or Santorum.

For me, it’s not about the weight of the endorsements, but rather the substance of the candidate. What concrete plan has Mitt Romney brought forward to to convince American voters he should be the 45th president? It doesn’t seem that he has a plan. His speeches are all rhetorical knocks against Obama. Where is the policy?

And I’m sorry, but “making Obama a one-term president” is not a solution. What will the next leader do after the president is out of office?



Do endorsements from big name political figures sway your vote about candidates at all? 


Correction: This post corrects the date of the Texas GOP primary to May 29. 

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